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Patrick Accounting Hosts Their Bookkeeping Clients on an IV VON Plan

Referral from an Accounting Firm


Patrick Accounting was referred to us by another accounting firm that had been successfully using one of our Virtual Terminal Server plans to provide bookkeeping services to their customers. Matthew had heard about our system’s open nature and exceptional performance and decided to discuss moving his IT infrastructure.

More than a VTS Plan


Matthew’s needs far exceeded what we could provide with a simple VTS plan. First, he needed to give his office users a complete virtual office, enabling them to access Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office Professional, Quickbooks, and other accounting specific applications. Second, he needed to give his 50+ customers the ability to access the Quickbooks Pro data that Patrick Accounting managed for them.

Foundation: Virtual Office Network - Standard


After discussing his needs, we recommended he use our Virtual Office Network – Standard plan as the foundation for this new system. Since VON – Standard includes Dedicated Exchange Hosting and a Virtual Terminal Server, it fit perfectly his office users’ needs.  To this we added Microsoft Office Professional and a Windows Virtual Dedicated Server with Microsoft SQL Standard Edition to act as an application server. For their customers, Patrick Accounting needed a separate Virtual Terminal Server running Quickbooks Pro.

Good Move


Patrick Accounting had already been using another hosting company to provide the infrastructure for their bookkeeping services. Virtualizing their office network was never a consideration, as the cost with their hosting company would be far too high. They were considering a move to Infinitely Virtual so that they could combine their office infrastructure with their bookkeeping system. Matthew Patrick was surprised to find that his new system would be less than half of what he had been paying for just the bookkeeping system.

Plan that Grows with You


Once we provided the infrastructure, Matthew installed his applications and within weeks had all of his users and customers on his new Virtual Office Network. Over the years, we have increased the amount of RAM and CPU cores to match his company’s growth. Matthew has been a loyal customer and has referred us many accounting firms as well.