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Colorado Law Group, LLC Supports Multiple Offices with VON

Supporting Attorneys Across Colorado


While at Mountain Law Group, Marion Keyes approached Infinitely Virtual to create a custom Virtual Office Network solution to replace their aging Windows 2003 network. Mountain Law had attorneys all over Colorado, and Marion had a local value added reseller (VAR) create a network to enable all of their attorneys and staff to share applications and data. While the configuration was effective, it was growing far too expensive to maintain. Marion was looking for an all-inclusive solution for infrastructure and support.

0% Downtime


Marion required a 0% downtime migration. Our engineers installed the entire infrastructure within a week, and by the second week, staff at Mountain Law Group had tested the system.During this time, we began replicating data. After the initial copy, we replicated the data that changed daily until the cut-over. Users logged off on a Friday evening, and Saturday morning all of the data and applications were functioning normally.

VON - Premium for Law Firms


After our engineers evaluated their existing infrastructure, we designed a plan around our Virtual Office Network – Premium (VON) plan, including an extra application server for Worldox, a vertical market application for law firms. We added our Support Premium+ to the VON plan, giving Mountain Law Group a complete information technology solution.

Introduce Colorado Law Group, LLC


Roughly five months later, Marion decided to create a new firm, Colorado Law Group, LLC. His needs were the same as those for Mountain Law Group. For this new, smaller firm, we installed a VON Standard Plan with an application server for Worldox. He again purchased Support Premium+, giving his entire staff a full-time IT department. As before, we completed this new system for Colorado Law Group within a week, and since the initial installation, his user count has increased dramatically.